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Display Screen Digitizer Mobile Phone Parts for Motorola

Dropping your Motorola mobile phone on the ground may often result in a broken screen, but one replacement part may not fix all problems. In fact, phone screens are quite complex and consist of several parts. Most of the times, you do not have to replace the entire LCD assembly, but only a part of it. Knowing the mobile phone parts allows you to decide which part requires replacing and thus saves you money. Get to know the different components of your LCD screen to be able to recognise when you need a screen digitiser for your Motorola mobile phone LCD screen.

LCD Screen Components

The outermost part of your Motorola screen is the front glass lens that protects your screen from dust and debris. The screen digitiser is the thin film part between the front glass and the next part, the actual LCD screen. The digitiser senses your touch as you use your phone and responds to zooming and clicking on the screen. The LCD part provides the image on the screen.

Detecting Broken Screen Digitiser

You can determine visually which part of your screen assembly needs replacement. If it's the LCD part, you will have spiderweb-like cracks and dark blobs on your screen, while you can still use the touchscreen functions. If the screen digitiser needs a replacement, you can see all the images on the screen, but cannot use the touchscreen, as it does not respond to your touch. If both of them are broken, you might be able to use some parts of the touchscreen and see images on some parts of the LCD screen.

Compatibility with Your Motorola Phone

Before starting to order mobile phone parts for your Motorola, you need to determine the exact model of your phone. If you order the wrong screen digitiser, it might not fit or not work with your phone. You can choose both generic and Motorola digitisers, but ensuring that they are compatible is essential in any case. Moreover, you need to find out whether the digitiser and the LCD are integrated or are separate. If they are integrated, you cannot replace just the digitiser because you cannot remove it from the LCD component. In this case, you would need to purchase an LCD-digitiser combo.

Protecting Your Phone

Once you have repaired your Motorola phone, think how you could prevent further damage. You can apply a thin film onto your screen or attach a rigid case around the phone. The latter is a more durable option, as the phone can easily survive drops.

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