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Dual SIM Mobile Phones

Because your mobile number is part of the SIM and not the phone, dual SIM phones effectively give you two different numbers at the same time. In a world where so many people live on their mobile phones, dual SIM functionality can be surprisingly useful. While most people think of it as a feature for international travel, there are other uses right here at home.

Types of Dual SIM Phone

Dual SIM implementations come in four basic flavours. The simplest form comes with a manual switch option, where you just select which one you want to use. It's a less labour-intensive form of physically switching out the SIM. Standby variants let both connect to the network at once, but only one can make calls; the other gets a busy signal when one is in a call. Active SIMs let you receive calls on the second SIM so you can choose whether to switch calls, while the most advanced phones enable you to make full use of both at the same time.

Dual SIM Uses

The most common use is when traveling; just drop a local SIM in your phone and you're connected wherever you go. It saves additional charges because you're calling out on the local SIM, but friends and family can still call your Australian number. You can also go with one SIM for home and one for work. It's a great way to enjoy the simplicity of one device while still keeping your numbers separate.

Picking a Dual SIM Phone

Basic travelers may find that a quad core factory unlocked dual SIM 8 GB Android mobile phone offers more than enough functionality for all their needs. Business travelers who live out of their mobiles may prefer to look into an octa-core factory unlocked dual-SIM 64 GB mobile phone that can handle everything you want to throw at them. It's all a matter of getting the right phone to meet your needs.


Dual SIM phones are quite simply more convenient than switching from one phone to another just because you need two numbers. It may come at a premium, but if you really need two phones, it can often be easier to do to the same job with one device.

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