Building and displaying model trains is a great hobby for adults and children alike. eBay is your online home for thousands of model trains of different scales and gauges as well as the display equipment you need to make them shine.

Create stunning scenery for your model train display with these tips and tricks

Having an amazing collection of cars is one thing. But you can enhance the look and feel of your scene with these simple and affordable tips and tricks. Whether you’re a cat owner or not, kitty litter can become a go-to accessory for your model train environments. Use it to create a realistic payload in the backs of open hoppers and gondolas. It can also be used to form piles of rubble or gravel paths. Looking to have your track run near an automobile repair shop, factory or rubbish dump? Head to your local auto parts store and find some tubing the same width as the tyres on a scale vehicle. A few simple slices and some wearing effects and you’ll have realistic, dilapidated tyres in no time. Finally, a great background can tie an entire scene together. If you want a rocky cliff face towering over your model trains, put some Styrofoam to good use by hacking away at it to remove its smooth edges and expose a jagged-looking face. Add some brown paint or shoe polish and you’ve got the rocky crags you desire!

Check out these easy ways to protect your display from dust 

Unsightly dust can be an annoyance for anybody trying to build the perfect model train display. Luckily for you there are a few easy ways to keep these particles at bay. Buy a simple box fan and attach a filter to it. That way when you run the fan, the dust in the circulated air is caught in the contraption. You can also cover your display with a plastic cover. This can be a great decision for those who go days without getting a chance to work on their model trains.  Once you buy your model trains online, there are some simple, affordable steps you can take to make them look their very best. Check out eBay’s selection of vehicles today and start formulating plans for your next display.