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Choosing the Right Mongoose Bike Components to Upgrade Your Ride

When you purchase a new Mongoose bike, you might not have any intentions of modifying it. But with the wealth of mongoose bike replacement parts on eBay, customizing your bike is often both easy and inexpensive. Whether you want to do something as simple as switching out a saddle or as complex as upgrading your drive train, you'll be able to turn a factory bike into the ideal bike for you.

New old stock parts for a vintage vibe

In your search for replacement parts on eBay, you may come across parts listed as "new old stock," or NOS. This means that, while the parts are vintage, they are in new packaging. If you are searching for vintage parts but want the assurance of a product that functions like new, NOS parts may be a good choice for you. Here are a few example of parts commonly sold as new old stock:

  • Seats
  • Grips
  • Stems and handlebars
When should you purchase used Mongoose replacement parts?

At times, you may have a very specific idea of what way you want to upgrade your Mongoose. For instance, aerodynamic upgrades like disc wheels may not always be available as new old stock items. And for newer bikes, upgrades like a new drive train may need to be newer to ensure that they fit. If you have a newer frame, searching by model (like "Mongoose Crush bike parts") may make finding compatible parts easier.

As with any new part, it is vital that you make sure a replacement part is compatible with your existing bike. Please consult manufacturer guidance to ensure that used or new old stock parts will work with your existing bike frame.

Making a BMX bike a mountain bike (or vice versa)

Mongoose bicycles are known for excelling on both the trail and the BMX track. And if you have an older Mongoose frame you'd like to revamp anyway, you might be able to save some money by customizing that frame with Mongoose bike parts instead of purchasing a new bike. When looking at Mongoose mountain bike parts to convert a frame, there are a few main differences you may want to consider:

  • Frames - BMX bikes don't have a suspension while a mountain bike may have a partial or full suspension. While not all mountain bikes can be easily converted, Mongoose BMX parts might be able to convert a smaller mountain bike to a BMX one.
  • Brakes - BMX bikes often have rear caliper brakes while mountain bikes can have a range of brake types. Higher-end mountain bikes may have disc brakes, which offer greater stopping power on downhills.
  • Wheel Size - BMX bikes have 20-inch wheels while most mountain bikes have 26-inch wheels. This lets them roll over ground debris more easily. Mongoose replacement wheels of most sizes can be purchased online, making this transition easier.
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