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Moorcroft Pottery

Moorcroft Pottery

Pottery selections that include fine craftsmanship, appealing colours and compelling styles are sought after by many people around the globe. Stunning works of clay, ceramic and porcelain pottery are great gifts or valuable additions to sophisticated personal artwork collections. Elegant and timeless, Moorcroft pottery creations from some of the most skilled artisans in the world can be incredibly valuable, and examples of these works include vases, pitchers, ginger jars and other pieces.


There are a variety of styles of Moorcroft pottery selections, so art lovers and collectors can find works tied to their favourite themes. Individuals who enjoy collecting pottery featuring wildlife elements can choose styles that include animals, birds, bugs, butterflies, fish or toadstools. People who like the forms and colours of flowers can find many pottery selections in Moorcroft collections of florian and structured or broad florals. Collectors with preferences for architecture or landscape themes can choose stunning vases and other products that may include sweeping vistas or urban elements. Art enthusiasts who appreciate constructions of lines and colours may opt for pottery featuring geometric and stylised designs.


Numbered Moorcroft pottery selections are available on the market, and the works may include edition designations. The companys limited-edition pottery pieces may have a predetermined quantity, which can make some of these objects rare and must-have selections for collectors who enjoy the craftsmanship of Moorcroft designs. Selections from open editions may not have a predetermined quantity set by the artisans, so the creation of additional works is possible.


Contemporary examples of Moorcroft pottery include uppercase MOORCROFT marks, as well as Stoke-On-Trent marks located above their ENGLAND markings. Some of the decorative objects also typically feature copyright, WM or trial date markings in green, brown or blue hues. These markings may be helpful for collectors who want to ensure their Moorcroft pottery selections are genuine.

Moorcroft Australian Pottery

Moorcroft offers Australian pottery selections that celebrate the unique flora and fauna of the country. Art enthusiasts may enjoy choosing vases with pastoral or nature themes, such as works that include southern emu wrens, colourful Cairns butterflies or Swan River myrtle flowers. Sizes of the vases vary, making them great choices for individuals who appreciate finding artwork items with sizes that help them customise the look of their collections.