The inspiring mortar and pestle

We may live in the digital age but there's one traditional piece of kit cooks of all ages love to have in their kitchen. The good old mortar and pestle remains very popular because it's perfect for crushing nuts, grinding various spices, and creating powders, perfect for any culinary enthusiast. It's a simple kitchen utensil that's easy to use, small in size, is extremely efficient, and gives great results every time. In fact, it never fails to provide inspiration for chefs of all abilities.

A potted history

The mortar and pestle has been in use for thousands of years and was a favourite with the Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Romans. From pharmacology to masonry, alchemy to food preparation, this simple but effective tool has retained its popularity.

Variety is the spice of life

Discover wooden mortar and pestles, superb for creating perfect pestos, to ceramic creations through to heavyweight granite. You may prefer to use a Thai or Indian Style kit for more inspired mixes or a Mexican molcajete for extra weight used in crushing. Whatever your needs, there's a mortar and pestle for you here on eBay.

What they can do

A mortar and pestle helps you get right into the creative process so you can enjoy your food even more. It's also good exercise for the arms and hands as you slowly pound and grind, and can be a terrific way of letting off steam. What's more, they'll look really good in your kitchen and let others know you're serious about cooking.

What you should know

When buying a mortar and pestle check it's right for the uses you have in mind, and make sure it's a least six inches in diameter with plenty of depth. This will ensure all the ingredients stay in one place, and give you plenty of comfortable working room. Cooks will feel a real sense of achievement once you've used them in your cooking. And always remember, this wonderful tool will bring out all the essential oils and flavours to help enhance your carefully crafted kitchen creation.