She Deserves It All

18 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts For The Mum You Love

mothers day gift ideas

Mums have the toughest job on the planet. Not only do they take care of their young and raise them to be good people (oh, the pressure!), they also have so many added responsibilities, whether it be looking after the home or working to provide for the family.

Time to give mum a treat. That’s what Mother’s Day is all about! Show your mum how much you love and appreciate her with some of these wonderful Mother’s Day gift ideas.



Mum’s love flowers – well, most do anyway. And what good are flowers without a vase? There are a range of vases available in all types of materials, designs, colours and sizes. Buy mum a vase this Mother’s Day – and while you’re there, get her some flowers to put in as well. She deserves it!


Let mum relax this Mother’s Day with a cup of tea in her new mug... there are so many designs to choose from, so you can tailor it to suit her personality or get her a mug that has a message to show her how much you care.

i love my mum mug
wine glass

Wine Glasses

Spice up mum’s special day with some stunning wine glasses. You can buy a full set, or simply choose one novelty wine glass that you think she’ll love. There is a range of sizes and styles available to suit every wine lover.


After a big day of parenting, cleaning and working, teaching and playing, and doing all the things mums do – mums deserve to have a restful night. A new pair of pyjamas will help mum sleep better in comfort. Oh, and she’ll look stylish too!

But the comfort doesn’t have to end when she gets out of bed - add on a nice dressing gown or robe to make sure Mum stays wrapped in luxury and style.

womens pyjama set
pink house slippers


There’s nothing better than sliding into a comfortable pair of slippers after a busy day. eBay has a range of styles available, including fluffy fur designs, through to sheepskins and even stylish leather mules.

And if Mum’s not a fan of the cold, why not step up and let her step into a pair of UGG Boots, as warm and fuzzy as her love for you.

Lap Tables

You can’t serve mum breakfast in bed without a table to put it on! A lap table not only works for Mother’s Day, but it’s also great for when mum wants to have a lie-in with a good book and a cuppa.

wooden lap table
artificial flowers in vase

Artificial Floral Decor

Getting Mum some flowers for Mother’s day is pretty cliche but you can switch it up by getting some ever-lasting floral decor for the home. It adds a pop of colour to the home and doesn’t wilt! Try picking up a fake leafy plant for a corner or some poppy flowers to add on top of a table.


A necklace is a special treat for mums of all ages. Something she can keep close to her heart, as a reminder of the wonderful children she raised – and how much you love her. Choose a style to suit her personal taste.

gold necklace with purple gem
fiction books


From travel guides to fantasy, self-help to romantic comedies, horror stories to adventures; there’s a book to suit every mum! Browse through the full range of books available and see if any stand out, or ask your mum about her favourite author.


Mums are busy, so what better way to help her stay on time than with a stunning watch? It’s also a great keepsake that she can treasure for years to come. Not to mention a practical gift that she can enjoy every day.

gold and silver citizen watch
massage chair

Electric Massage Chairs

Help your mum relax and unwind with an electric massage chair. Soothe those tired muscles after a busy, tiring day.


Scarves are a beautiful accessory to any outfit, no matter what the season. Opt for a woollen blend in the colder months to help keep mum’s neck warm, or you might choose a light cotton design for a fashion statement in summer. There’s a scarf to suit every outfit.

pink cheetah print scarf
glasshouse fragrances candle


From votive candles to taper candles, aromatherapy to decorative candles, you’ll find a style mum is bound to love. Browse through the range of pillar candles for the dining room, right through to the decorative floating candles for mum’s bath.


We talked about wine glasses earlier and hinted at buying mum a bottle of wine to suit. But rather than a bottle, why not buy her wine in bulk? You can get a range of flavours, focused on whites, reds, blends – or you can get a mixture of all of these. Browse the eBay store and see what you can find.

assorted wine bottles
white teapot with stripes


If mum needs a break, or simply prefers not to use tea bags, get her a teapot to go with some of her favourite tea leaves. You can choose a classic design, or shop for something vintage. There are teapots of all colours and sizes, and some with matching mugs.