Sick of fumbling for your house keys in the dark? Want to know if any people or animals are wandering around outside your house? You need to install a motion sensor light by the front door, back door, side entrance or garage. They are also useful for gardens, playgrounds, walls, buildings, residential complexes, hospitality businesses and anywhere else light might be required when it's dark. You can rely on sensor lights to work alongside your home and personal security cameras.

These lights stay off during the daytime or when nobody is around, then automatically switch on when they sense movement at night. The detection distance is usually between 120 degrees and 180 degrees. They are also designed to withstand the elements, with a die-cast aluminium shell and high-strength glass cover the most common materials used.

Features of LED motion sensor security lights

You can buy 10W, 20W, 30W or 50W LED motion sensor floodlights, with lumen ranging from 800 to 4500, for use in security or other outdoor applications. Most models offer multiple power levels and wide or narrow beam distributions. The approximate lifespan of these lights ranges from 20,000 to 50,000 hours depending on the make and model. Important features include high brightness with low heat and low power consumption. You should also be able to adjust the sensor sensitivity (for example, 0-18 metres) and the time the light will remain on after being activated (between 3 seconds and 8 minutes).

LED solar powered motion sensor lights

Solar powered motion detecting lights use a long-life rechargeable battery, a solar panel and the power of the sun to operate. No mains power or wiring is required. This type of sensor light is ideal for remote areas where conventional power supply might sometimes be limited. Typically this item will include a cable up to 5 metres long connecting the solar panel to the LED lamp.

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