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Motocross Helmets

Motocross Motorcycle Helmets

The sport of motocross involves participants competitively riding trail bikes around an off-road circuit. One of the most important pieces of equipment for anyone on a motorcycle is their motorbike helmet. Much like how motorcycle helmets and headwear are different for racing and general street wear, there are helmets specifically designed for the sport of motocross.

How is a Motocross Helmet Different From Regular Helmets?

There are certain ways in which motocross helmets differ from regular full face helmets, namely:

  • Goggles: Rather than feature a full face, mx helmets come with an open face and no attached face shield. Instead, riders wear separate motorcycle eyewear like goggles.
  • Helmet Visor: Its very common in motocross for dirt and debris to be kicked up by other riders around you. Motocross helmets feature an adjustable visor that protects the rider from this.
  • Ventilation: As the sport of motocross is quite physically demanding on its riders, motocross helmets are designed with air intake ports and rear and side flow exhausts to maximise air flow and provide some sense of cooling for the rider.

What Features Affect the Comfort and Safety of Your Motocross Helmet?

Riding around at high speeds with dirt and debris in the air, both comfort and safety are big priorities. Features that help with this include:

  • Helmet Liner: Riding motocross its easy enough to be build up a sweat inside your motorbike helmet, so it helps if you have removable and washable antibacterial or antimicrobial helmet liners. This way youre able to have a clean helmet before each race.
  • Inflatable Cheek Pads: Both for comfort and safety, its important that your helmet fit properly. Certain motocross helmets allow you to adjust the helmets cheek pads to ensure the motorcross helmet is firmly fitted around your head.

What Other Motocross Equipment Do Riders Need?

In order to safely and competitively race in motocross, it helps to have all the right equipment, like:

  • Motocross Gear: Besides the helmet, there is plenty of other motocross and off-road gear out there. For safety, there is body armour guards designed to protect you from impact, as well as motocross kits that usually include protective pants, gloves and a jersey.
  • Cleaning Kits: Since motocross is a particularly dirty sport, keeping your motocross gear clean is important for its care and yours. Motorcycle helmet care and cleaning kits help you keep all this gear spick and span.