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Motorcycle Body Armour Protectors

The danger of riding a motorcycle is part of the thrill that keeps riders hooked to these pieces of machinery. However, not using protective gear is simply careless in both recreational and sport use. Even the most careful rider can fall off the motorcycle and the protective gear is what makes sure that he or she can get up and carry on. Motorcycle body armour protectors can shield all surfaces and reinforce all joints––its only up to the rider to choose an adequate level of protection.

Motorcycle Chest Protectors

The torso houses most of your vital organs, so to protect yourself from a fatal injury, start with motorcycle chest protectors. The most basic chest protectors are usually thinner and lighter, which gives them better temperature control, however, thin models can only protect your from road rash or lighter cuts. To truly stop broken bones and internal organ haemorrhage, look for models with advanced padding. Padding and plating on top of the padding makes that the shock of your fall is equally distributed over your body, effectively reducing the chance of serious injury.

Arms and Hands

Some chest protectors come with sleeves that offer adequate protection for your arms. Sleeves are usually lighter to keep the body temperature levelled, but they should be reinforced over the elbow. Even if they are not part of the chest protector, look for sleeves that are sold separately. Same brand pieces often integrate well with your other protective equipment. Each hand has a number of small bones, joints, ligaments and muscles that can be damaged easily, either by a fall or exposure to cold temperatures. Motorcycle protective gloves are the smallest investment one has to make and a very important investment, as the quality of life large depends on having functional hands. The best gloves offer insulation, skeletal armour and plating that prevents joints from going in the opposite direction. Make sure that the gloves also have air vents and material which does not keep moisture, as temperature builds up easily in thick gloves.

Motorcycle Ankle Braces and Supports

Falling and sliding with your bike is especially hard on knees, ankles and shins as they do not have any tissue padding over them. Motorcycle knee braces and shin guards solve part of that problem and adding reinforced motorcycle boots solves the rest.

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