Motorcycle Brake Cylinders

Motorcycle brakes, suspension systems and tyres are some of the most important components to have working properly on a bike at all times. There are different components within the hydraulic brake system that work together to give riders the ability to stop quickly and safely. Brake cylinders are major components that need to be fully functional to maintain the stopping ability of the motorcycle. There are motorcycle brake cylinders on the market that make a great choice for any motorcycle.

Master Cylinders

Master cylinders come in styles that necessitate the use of the right foot or the right hand to create the mechanical force and turn it into hydraulic pressure. This action engages a lever on a piston that applies pressure to the fluid, which, in turn, determines the amount of pressure that gets applied to the brake system, which varies depending on the amount of force that one uses to pull the lever. Other factors come into play like the leverage ratio of the lever and the size of the master cylinder, which makes it important to find the right spare. Take stock of model numbers and sizes when shopping for a master cylinder to find the right spare for the bike.

Types of Motorcycle Brake Cylinders

There are many types of brake cylinders on the market, and the right choice may vary depending on the make and model of the motorcycle. The most common types of motorcycle brake cylinders include the front master cylinder and rear master cylinder that also come with different features. There are adjustable ratio master cylinders, pull-type adjustable ratio master cylinders as well as pull-type rear brake master cylinders.


Choosing the right motorcycle brake cylinder often depends on the way the rider uses the bike. Master cylinders for street riding purposes may not require the same type of high-performance technology as brake cylinders for motorcycle racing. Choosing a brake cylinder made for the bike riding style as well as choosing cylinders made from high-quality materials helps to ensure the longevity of this braking component.


Whether a motorcyclist needs motorcycle ball joints or motorcycle brake pads, there are a variety of useful accessories available to keep bikes in peak running condition. There are also many tools on the market that help make repair work more efficient, so it is helpful to have these or other valuable accessories available to make repairs easier to manage.