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Motorcycle Clothing

Look good and stay protected with motorcycle clothing

If you own a motorcycle, its imperative that you stay protected when riding. Motorcycle clothing not only looks cool but helps to protects you in the event of an accident, and keeps you effectively shielded from the elements

Motorcycle jackets

Finding the right motorcycle gear is vital. When youve spent so long finding the right motorbike, you want to make sure your accessories look just as great as your ride does. When choosing a motorcycle jacket, its important to choose the right material. Flexible leather with Kevlar padding is the most popular choice for protective jackets.

The Aussie heat can be a nightmare, which is why finding a jacket that will protect you if you have an accident and will stop you from overheating is a great idea. You can find a range of air flow mesh biker jackets which have been designed with ventilation technology, so you can keep cool whilst youre cruising around.

Motorcycle jackets can come in simple black or, for the more adventurous, there are bright colours and patterns, letting you match your gear and make a statement with your choice of clothing.

Motorcycle boots

Motorcycle boots are another important part of your gear, offering support, protection, and style when on the go. Theres a wide range of motorcycle boots available in a variety of styles, colours, and sizes. You can find everything from genuine leather low-cut shoes to the latest in designer motocross boots. Discover the perfect pair to suit you and your motorbike and create a striking style when riding.

Motorcycle gloves

Your gear wouldnt be complete without a pair of motorcycle gloves. There are an array of different styles, including summer street gloves and racing gloves, so you can get the protection you need, no matter where youre riding. Find lightweight gloves for greater mobility, or go for padded motorcycle gloves for increased protection.