Motorcycle Drive Belts and Parts

Keeping your motorcycle in tiptop condition is imperative so that you can enjoy cruising around the town or countryside. If your bike has a drive belt rather than a chain belt and you need to replace it you can find many motorcycle drive belts to get the job done. Here you can find all the motorcycle accessories that you need to replace your drive belt. When buying motorcycle parts, make sure they come from a reputable supplier or a trusted brand.

When to Replace?

The drive belts of today generally have exceptional durability and strength. They require minimal maintenance and tension adjustment with a long service life. Many can last for 30,000 km or even longer. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions on effective maintenance for your drive belt along with tension and alignment guidelines.

Changing the Drive Belt

While you can do a lot of motorcycle maintenance on the side of the road, changing the drive belt it a little more complicated and you should only attempt doing it if you understand how to do it. If you are not sure how to do it, ask your local mechanic to complete the task for you.

Signs That it Needs Changing

When driving your motorcycle, you will not be able to hear any sound coming from the drive belt like you can from chain belts. If you do hear any strong squeaking sounds this may be a sign that the pulleys are not aligned correctly and you should have it checked. Any small rocks or debris that get caught in your drive belt can lead to damage and will mean that you may need to replace it.

Belt Guards

Motorcycle upper belt guards protect the drive belt from debris such as dust, dirt and gravel so you should always have one in place. Keeping your drive belt free of dirt will ensure a longer life, so if you find that your belt guard has any sort of damage, make sure to replace it.