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Electric Motorcycle Ride-On Toys

When kids are old enough to start toddling around, ride-on toys can be a fun way to encourage them to roam. They develop gross and fine motor skills by balancing and moving a toy. To make things even more fun, try a kids' electric motorcycle toy.

Gears and Battery Power

Kids' motorcycle ride-on toys vary in battery size and power. Generally, they all move fairly slowly, but toys with more power can handle grassy areas as opposed to being able to travel on pavement only. They will also be able to handle bigger, heavier kids. Electric motorcycle ride-on toys for younger children will either have a 6V or 12V battery. For kids older than 6 years, you may need to consider a toy with a 24V battery, or even bigger. Keep in mind that bigger batteries also mean the toy will have a higher top speed. Some motorised ride-on toys come with two gears, but others only come with one. A toy with more than two gears is rare.

Number of Wheels

While most people think of motorcycles as having two wheels, that is not always the case with ride-on toys. You can certainly get a two-wheeled electric ride-on motorcycle, but there are models that have three and even four wheels. These motorcycles are styled differently than electric ride-on cars. So, if you do not quite trust your child on two wheels, you can get a three- or four-wheeled toy without giving up the motorcycle look.


Kids' electric ride-on toys are generally slow and steady in speed, making them fairly safe for younger children. For the most part, ride-on toys top out at speeds of 4 km to 8 km per hour. Even though there's only a small chance of your child tipping over, keep in mind that a low-profile toy is hard to see and should be kept away from roads and driveways. Also, make sure an adult recharges the battery so that it is always properly done.

Charging Time

Make sure you understand the charging time for your battery. Generally, you can get one hour or even two hours of continuous running time. Some models even have three hours of running time. Once the battery is flat, you may have anywhere from 4 to 12 hours or more of charging time. Also, keep in mind that many ride-on toy batteries can be damaged by overcharging. Understanding the requirements for the toy will help prevent any issues.

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