Motorcycle Electrical and Ignition Switches

The switches might not be the most exciting part of your motorcycle, but without them you can't toggle your lights or even start your engine. 

Why Switch Your Switches?

  • Not everyone is the same shape or size and so the control setup that the manufacturers chose might not have the right ergonomics for you. Being able to place custom switches elsewhere on the handlebars can help you to build a bike that feels natural to ride. 
  • Sometimes switches get damaged or wear out, especially if you have an older bike. Refitting a classic bike with genuine vintage motorcycle switches will help it to look as good as new again. 
  • If you want to build a custom motorcycle, remember that details matter. When you are making the effort to put together the bike of your dreams, take the time to pick out the right switches. 

What Do You Need to Install New Switches?

You can hand your bike off to a professional to install switches for you, but it's also a project that you can do yourself. To install new switches you will need the right motorcycle relays as well as motorcycle wires and fuses. Using the factory-installed wiring harness makes it a lot easier to install new switches, but you can also make your own. Just make sure to route the wires away from hot components like the motorcycle valves and engine.