Motorcycle Exhausts & Exhaust System Parts

Motorcycle Exhausts and Exhaust System Parts

Motorcycle exhausts are important for your bike. They direct the combustion gases away from the rider and the passenger. They also muffle the engine noise. Without an exhaust system, a motorcycle is quite deafening. In addition, exhausts improve the engine performance and help you go faster. Learn more about these essential parts and upgrade your bike to enjoy it better.

Reasons to Replace the Factory Exhaust System on a Motorcycle

Typically, motorcycles already have exhaust systems, fitted in a factory. You may want to replace that system for several reasons. Likely, the manufacturer had a budget to follow, so the exhaust may not be of premium quality. The design may not be the best, but instead the easiest to produce. Replacing the system can also help to reduce the weight of your motorcycle, which in turn helps to improve handling and performance. A new exhaust system could also change the way your bike sounds.

Full Exhaust Systems for Motorcycles

The full exhaust systems for motorcycles replace everything from the head to the back of bike. Getting a whole new system may also mean changes to fuel management: jet kit for a carburetted motorcycle and a fuel controller for a fuel-injected bike. Replacing the entire system allows you to change its configuration. Full systems also allow you to make your bike more attractive as you could opt for chrome or even black pipes.

Mufflers for Motorcycles

Simply installing a slip-on muffler onto your exhaust is an easy and cost-effective way to upgrade your bike. A new can could really allow the engine to breathe properly. Most aftermarket mufflers are quite lightweight, so you can reduce your fuel consumption. Moreover, motorcycle mufflers include spark arrestors that can make an off-road bike that does not have any already included legal for riding.

Motorcycle Exhaust Materials

The exhaust material greatly depends on its style. The heaviest is stainless steel, which is also the most common thanks to its durability. Aluminium is also durable and slightly lighter than steel, thus a good choice for sportbikes. Titanium is the lightest and most expensive material for exhaust systems, allowing you to achieve maximum horsepower. Carbon fibre, another lightweight material, is not common for entire systems, but you can find mufflers that use it.