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Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets and headwear play an important role not only for obvious safety reasons, but also for your own comfort. The wrong helmet may be both dangerous and uncomfortable to wear, which can lead to distracted driving. Choose the right helmet for your needs, considering the various types, safety ratings, your bike type, and required features.

Helmet Types

The full face motorcycle helmets are the safest option as they provide the most coverage. On the other hand, you may find that the open face motorcycle helmets are more comfortable and give you more freedom thanks to their lifted chin bar. If you want to get the best of both, opt for a modular helmet that combines both versions. Half shell helmets provide even less protection than the open face models, resembling bicycle helmets or egg shells.

Safety Ratings

The cool graphics on the helmet will not keep you safe if you take a nasty fall. Examine safety ratings before your purchase. All in all, these fall into two categories: the voluntary Australian standard AUS 1698-2006 and those of third party organisations testing the helmets. The latter may be even more helpful because the organisations do not assign any ratings without comprehensive tests.

Bike Types

As a proud touring bike owner who spends countless hours on the road, you need a special touring helmet, providing ergonomics, low sound levels, and balance. Ventilation is also critical to endure a long ride. On sport bikes, you need to take into account the aerodynamic properties of the helmet for best riding experience. If you feel comfortable with either a race or touring helmet, sport-touring provides the widest freedom of choice.

Helmet Features

Many cool features can make wearing your helmet a true bliss. Replaceable liners and cheek pads allow you to redesign the interior to your liking, while wind reduction, integrated sunshade, and communications provisions make the ride more pleasant.

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