Motorcycle Knee Braces & Shin Guards

Motorcycle Knee Braces and Shin Guards

Wearing protective gear is a smart choice when motorbiking in any weather or over a variety of terrains. Motorcycle body armour is available in many styles and materials that can keep riders safe in case of falls or accidents. In addition to wearing motorcycle chest protectors to safeguard riders torsos, motorcycle knee braces and shin guards shield individuals lower bodies and give them peace of mind when they enjoy short or long motorcycle rides for pleasure or when racing.


Well-fitting motorcycle shin guards and knee braces frequently feature special design considerations or technologies that help keep the gear in place for body protection. Some styles of knee braces offer extra sets of patellar knee pads, liners that reduce brace migration or form-fitting padding and adjustment points to promote a proper fit. Motorbike shin guards that include dual elastic adjustment straps or elastic mesh sleeve technology and wrap-around supports keep the gear from jostling around during bumpy rides.


Many styles of motorcycle body armour and protectors give riders a variety of ways to wear the gear. Some motorbike shin guards have streamlined designs that allow an individual to wear the body armour over or under loose jeans or other trouser styles. Knee braces that end between the mid-calf and ankle areas make wearing resilient cowboy boots possible.

Comfort Features

Wearing stiff body armour can restrict movement, which may cause a motorcyclist to experience delayed physical reactions that can prevent the person from avoiding trouble. It is important to protect the body when riding a motorcycle, and choosing comfortable gear may increase the likelihood that a rider consistently wears the products. Motorcycle knee braces that feature compression cuffs or open medial upper and lower shells can improve movement, and motorbike shin guards with breathable foam may wick away moisture from a riders body.


Motorcycle body armour can provide excellent protection if the products designs include materials that protect a wearer from direct forceful impacts. Lower-body gear designs may also keep a motorcyclist from experiencing road rash from fast and forceful skids. Motorbike knee braces and shin guards with Kevlar or thick leather materials may minimise physical injuries in the event of an accident.