Motorcycle Top Boxes and Tail Bags

Riding your motorcycle can be a fun and exciting way to get from place to place, but theres simply not as much storage as there is when youre in a car. Fortunately, you can expand your motorcycle storage options when you purchase top boxes and tail bags, two versatile types of accessories you can use to stow your belongings on your two-wheeler.

Top Boxes

Along with saddlebags and tail bags, a top box is an easy-to-access storage solution for your motorcycle. A top box, as the name implies, sits on the top of your bike to allow you to grab what you need in seconds. Often comprised of tough, heavy-duty material like carbon fibre, top boxes can do double duty as a backrest for your passenger. Theyre roomy, stylish and secure to your bike via elastic hooks or nylon straps.

Tail Bags

Tail bags (also shrewdly named) sit at the rear of your bike. Made of either hard or soft materials, these zippered bags stay out of the way as you ride. Available in a variety of sizes and designs, motorcycle tail bags are a bit more versatile than top boxes are, since the soft fabric creates a more expandable storage option. Also referred to as motorcycle luggage, tail bags secure via adjustable straps for a custom fit that wont budge as you bike.

Bag Features

Once youve decided where you want your storage to sit, you can begin to focus on features. Choose a water-resistant bag if you ride in all kinds of weather, and opt for a tear-resistant design for a more durable approach to motorcycle storage. Soft bags may feature side compartments and additional storage for a flexible bag, and if you decide on a carbon fibre top box, look for a padded design for a comfortable backrest option. Some top boxes also include reflectors for added safety since they sit atop your cycle.

Motorcycle Storage Brands

As you shop for motorcycle bags, youll see some brand names you may recognise, including GIVI, Shad, Harley-Davidson and DRIRIDER. You can shop by brand or by style, making sure to keep your budget in mind as you browse. DRIRIDER specialises in tank-style bags, while a Honda bag complements your Honda cycle for a perfect fit.