Motorcycle Windshields

Getting useful aftermarket accessories for your motorcycle can make your riding experience a lot more comfortable, and windshields (also known as windscreens) are one of the most useful accessories you can purchase. While they may not add the sexy factor to your bike, it will definitely helps to have one to protect you from the elements especially for long motorcycle rides.


The size of the windshield is one of the most important factors to consider, as positioning the windshield too high will block the view of the rider and make riding hazardous. On the other hand, a windshield that is too small or low will not adequately protect the rider from torrents of rain, wind, or other things, rendering the windshield ineffective. For this reason, experts recommend that you get a windshield that ends at the top of your nose and not any further.

Permanent Installed versus Detachable

You have the choice of getting a permanently installed windshield for your bike if you plan to use it most or all of the time, for example if you often ride long distance. If you are only going to use the windshield occasionally, and would rather have the option to remove it, then opt for a detachable one. Detachable motorcycle windscreens also allow for you to change up the style and size of the windshield mounted on your bike as per your needs and wants.


Most motorcycle windscreens use either polycarbonate or acrylic. Polycarbonate is pricier and may yellow over time, but offers the benefit of being more flexible and durable. Acrylic, on the other hand, does not yellow, and you can buff it to remove scuffs and scratches, but is less durable and less abrasion-resistant compared to polycarbonate.

Fixed versus Adjustable

Some windshields, when mounted, are fixed in place, so you cannot adjust them to cater to your riding preferences. This may be fine if you generally face similar weather all year round. Adjustable windshields allow you to adjust the position of your windshield so as to get more or less airflow, depending on your comfort levels with the weather on the day.