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Motorised Bicycle

The wind in your hair. The thrill of the open road. The freedom of movement. All the benefits of a motorcycle, without the cost. Safer than a car. If you're looking for a speedy way to zip around town, a great way to have the hottest bod around, and a cost effective mode of transport, look no further than a motorised bicycle. Motorised bicycles, also known as motorised push bikes, offer the same wonderful benefits as a traditional bicycle, including cheap running costs, no license or insurance requirements, improved health, better fitness, and a community atmosphere.

Why choose a motorised bicycle over a traditional bike?

A motor allows you to get up to the speed of traffic very quickly. Going from a complete stop at a traffic light to match the flow of traffic takes a lot of energy. A motor assists you in zipping from zero to speed in record time. A motorised push bike also allows you to fly up hills with minimal effort, leaving you energy to travel further distances. Having a motor on board will also allow you to carry heavier loads, assuming your bike frame is up to the task, so your motorised bike really is a viable alternative to your car.

What about safety concerns with motorised bicycles?

Cycling is proven to be safer than being in a car. When it comes to accidents between cars and bicycles, the overwhelming majority of these occur at intersections, which is when your motor comes in super handy getting you up to speed, which may help reduce the risk of an accident.

What other benefits are there to purchasing motorised bicycles?

How about being eco friendly, fuel efficient, a great way to get yourself in shape before taking on a manual bike, the flexibility of choice as to whether the motor is on, off, or assisting you, it can encourage you to ride further and explore, knowing that you can always rely on the motor to get you home when you're knackered. Whatever motorised bicycle suits your needs, you're sure to find a superb model here on eBay today.

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