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Motorised bicycles for fun efficiency

Motorised bicycles offer you a little more oomph on your journeys. Not just limited to road bikes, mountain bikes can also be modified to include a motor. Although some bike purists might think that bicycles are just for fitness, there are many reasons why more people should embrace motorised bicycles.

Motorised bikes in a nutshell

A motorised bike is a traditional pushbike which is fitted with a motor and transmission. Motorised bikes are incredibly convenient for those who have a long commute to work. You can choose your level of assistance, which means you can boost the power if you're running late, or don't want to turn up to work completely sweaty. If you think you live slightly too far away to bike to work, but would like to, a motorised bicycle is a great solution.

A great mode of transport for many

Having extra power is great when you have a few heavy shopping bags to bring home too. Choose designs with inbuilt baskets, or invest in a good quality sports bag to store your groceries. Electric bicycles are also becoming increasingly common, as battery life is constantly improving so you can travel for longer on a single charge. As with all bikes, you must ensure you have lights for when it gets dark or when visibility is poor, and it's always a good idea to wear fluorescent and reflective clothing yourself.

You can still have a workout

As you can choose when to flick the switch, you can have the best of both worlds. Motorised bikes make light work of hills and inclines, so you might find yourself tempted to get out and explore more than you would with a standard bicycle.

Ride your bicycle as far and as hard as you want to, and when you're ready for some assistance, flick the switch and enjoy hearing the sweet purr of the motor to bring you home.

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