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Motorised Treadmills

A motorised treadmill uses a conveyor, motor, or flywheel to move a loop of wide tread over a long, formed surface. This allows a treadmill operator to safely and effectively walk, run, or even climb in place. The most common options for motorised treadmills include fitness treadmills, physical therapy treadmills, walking treadmills, running treadmills, incline treadmills, and even pet treadmills. Choose a motorised treadmill with more functions and variety or one with basic options.

Fitness Motorised Treadmills

Fitness motorised treadmills exist for the express purpose of helping their users reach fitness goals. Often heavy duty and designed to provide multiple functions, many fitness motorised treadmills accommodate running and walking, as well as incline options. These treadmills generally include mileage counters, heart rate estimators, and other functions to assist measuring specific fitness goals.

Running Motorised Treadmills

Running motorised treadmills take more punishment than their walking-only or multi-use counterparts. The jarring impact of running requires more sturdy construction and materials, as well as faster, stronger motor function and deeper tread. Some running treadmills also feature longer platforms to account for lengthened strides while running.

Incline Motorised Treadmills

Many modern motorised treadmills offer incline functions. Incline treadmills help prepare runners and walkers for steep inclines or slopes by using the pitch and angle of the platforms to simulate real hill walking or running. Though some of these treadmills have sets and static inclines, higher-end incline treadmills offer adjustable settings. Adjustable incline treadmills are ideal for individuals who have never used motorised treadmills with incline functions before.

Physical Therapy Motorised Treadmills

Physical therapy motorised treadmills are specific for those going through physical therapy, and many offer more subtle settings than fitness treadmills. They may also have special railings for harnesses, longer railings for safety, and longer walking and running platforms. Some physical therapy treadmills also feature softer tread and platforms, so users experience less jarring impacts while using the machines.

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