Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Motorola Moto G Mobile Phones

Since the first Moto G's launch in 2013, fans in the budget smartphone demographic have been anticipating the releases of Motorola’s cost-efficient Moto G phones every year. With competitive specs for its price point, the affordable phone is a juggernaut and takes centre stage as a low-price option in developed markets as well.

Moto G Armbands

If you already have a Moto G in your hands, additional accessories will make it more of a joy to own. Phone armbands for the Moto G make it so that you don’t have to keep it in your pocket when you’re out for a run. Many armband designs have a plastic window so you can see the screen clearly and control the phone, so you can shuffle, change, pause and play songs or answer calls. The straps are made of an elastic material that hugs your arm but remains comfortable even through long uses.

Moto G Car Chargers

While the Moto G has exceptional battery life, it can’t hurt to top it up on the commute to work or to the gym. Car chargers for the Moto G deliver power on the go. Those with higher amp ratings can charge your phone faster. Versatile ones feature one or more USB ports, while basic models come attached to a cord. Generally, purchasing the former is a better option because if the cord stops working, you can just buy a new one; whereas with the latter, you'll have to buy a whole new charger.

Power Banks

Power banks are battery banks that let you charge your Moto G on the go. They vary greatly in capacity, but keep in mind, the greater the capacity, the heavier a power bank gets. Slim and streamlined, these handy devices are ideal emergency power sources when you are running late with no time to top up on juice or when you cannot readily access other power sources. Two USB ports come standard in many models, but the heavyweights generally accommodate more devices.

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