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Mountain Bike Tyres

Mountain bike tyres are one of the most important components of a mountain bike. They provide grip and traction so you can go over uneven surfaces, and they have a wider profile than most road tyres, which offers a greater degree of stability. There are many different types of mountain bike tyres to choose from, so you can find some that work for your specific bike model and suit your individual riding style.

Mountain Bike Puncture-Resistant Tyres

Mountain bike puncture-resistant tyres feature thick layers of rubber that reduce the likelihood of sharp items puncturing through into the inner tubes and flattening the tyres. These tyres are useful for those who ride in areas with sharp rocks or thorny plants. The extra thick rubber makes them a little heavier than some other types of mountain bike tyres.

Mountain Bike Foldable Tyres

Mountain bike foldable tyres are Kevlar bead tyres which also feature other flexible materials, as opposed to wire bead tyres. This means that the tyres themselves can fold up for easy storage, and they are more lightweight than traditional wire bead tyres. Foldable tyres fit tightly and securely to the rims.

Mountain Bike Semi-Slick Tread Tyres

Mountain bike semi-slick tread tyres are a good choice for those who take part if off-road racing or other types of riding where speed is important. These tyres feature slick tread in the middle of the tyres and gripping tread on the outer edges to ensure you don't slip and slide too much on loose or uneven surfaces.

Mountain Bike Studded Tyres

Mountain bike studded tyres are popular for winter riding in snow, as well as in loose dirt. These tyres feature plastic or metal studs that protrude past the standard tread of the tyres. This provides significantly more grip and traction than most other mountain bike tyres.

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