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Mouse Traps

Mouse Traps

Rats and mice are unfortunate pests which can infest homes and outbuildings. With sharp teeth that easily chew through elements of home construction, a strong instinct to find and eat human food and the ability to carry many pathogens which can affect human health, they arent just unsightly pests, but potentially dangerous ones. The right mouse traps can effectively mitigate mice and rat infestations without the need to contact expensive pest removal consultants.

Common Mouse Trap Brands

There are many different brands of mouse traps, and most prominent pest-removal brands may manufacture several different types of traps. The most popular brands of mouse traps include AgBoss, PestNoMore, Tomcat, Pest Defense, EasyO and Racumin.

Mouse Trap Types

There are typically two major categories of mouse traps: humane and lethal traps. As the names imply, lethal traps generally result in the death of mice or rats, while humane traps simply capture the rodents for later release. Most humane traps function by luring the animals into an enclosed cage with a spring-loaded trap door, and in some cases, these cages may be small versions of larger mammal or cat animal traps. Lethal traps may involve poisons, which rats carry back to their nests, or bait-loaded spring traps which snap shut and lethally damage the skulls or spines in a single stroke, designed to kill instantly and without suffering. In some cases, people use mouse traps to remove other common rodents and pests, and they act as mole traps.

Placing Mouse Traps

Place mouse traps along thoroughfares where the mice or rats travel, near where you find droppings or by visible mouse holes in walls or cabinetry. When using poison-bait traps, take care that pets or children cannot access or accidentally ingest the bait.

Pet and Child Safe Mouse Traps

For households with children or pets who might be prone to investigating floor-based traps, considering wholly encased traps which are tamper-proof is an ideal option. Though often more expensive, these traps are generally lethal and electricity powered, either using batteries or outlets. Hands or paws cannot accidentally trigger them.

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