Movie LaserDiscs

These classic discs, first launched in 1978, offer a high-quality video and audio format than the more broadly used VHS and Betamax videotape. You will find a range of genres from music, to action and horror films available for your entertainment. So grab the popcorn, put your feet up and get ready for a fun evening.

Widescreen movies were released on LaserDisc and many movies had limited edition box set releases. Whilst the LaserDisc didn't receive great commercial success upon release, the format started to gain traction in the 90s and, as such, have a wonderfully nostalgic feel to them.

Music and concerts

Why not rewind the clock and tune in for some absolute classics to enjoy with your friends and family? There is a range of classics available in the music section from Janet Jackson to Mozart to Bon Jovi plus many more!

It's not just the records on offer, but also live concert recordings including the Freddie Mercury tribute, Phil Collins, Madonna and James Taylor. If you needed an excuse to get up and feel the music then this will definitely give you the answer you're looking for.

Films and documentaries

Whether you want side-splitting comedies with timely classics like Mr Bean and The Full Monty or action films keeping you glued to the edge of your seat. One thing's for sure: you will enjoy the range of films on offer in LaserDisc format.

If you're looking for something different you can find a range of documentaries about space, animals and some of the most influential celebrities to walk on the planet. Alternatively, cartoons and animations to share some laughs and fun with.

Either way, it doesn't matter if you're looking for the kids at home, date night or just for your own leisure. You will find the very best and relevant LaserDisc films and programs to suit your needs.