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Mr Dresses K long dresses include the most intimately designed collection of elegant dresses. Glitz and glam or simple and unique describe the appearance and style of its dress collection. Dresses are available to wear for every occasion, such as an office party, awards ceremony, banquet or wedding.

What dress styles are available by Mr K?

Mr. K brings decades of experience to the fashion industry. Its designs are made with the contemporary fashion-savvy woman in mind. Quality material, unique styles and various lengths make the dress collection ideal for various wardrobe collections. Choose from an assortment of fabrics, colours and cuts. Here are a few of the dress styles that are worn the most.

  • Dress and jacket set: this is the perfect style for dinner dates or a cocktail dress option. This style is ideal to wear in semi-formal or casual settings.
  • Sleeveless dress: it is a great spring or summer season option. Easily transforms into a dressy style with an added jacket or cardigan.
  • Lace bodice: this bodice is an elegantly styled dress made with delicate lace. Available in full or partial lace options.
  • Full-length: an ideal option for formal occasions such as proms or weddings. Many formal dresses are full-length.
  • High neckline: this style gives a traditional feel with a contemporary look. Available in long and short style dresses.

What occasions should you wear an evening dress?

An evening dress can be worn at any time of the day, for the right occasion. Most formal affairs require evening wear. Long dresses and formal dresses fall into the category of evening wear. Some of the designs feature embellishments such as silver trimming, diamond details and sheer necklines. Here are a few occasions to wear a Mr. K design.

  • Prom: choose a style that reflects your personality and charm. Long flowy evening gowns are often worn during prom season.
  • Anniversary celebrations: anniversary celebrations are the perfect occasion for evening dresses. If the theme is ballroom dancing or a banquet-style party, a formal dress should be worn.
  • Weddings: bridesmaids, mother of the bride and guests will find available evening dress options for weddings.

What style is considered a party dress?

Party dresses cover a wide range of styles and lengths. Cocktail dresses convert to a party dress when worn to a party. Freedom to move comfortably is one of the leading factors in finding a good dress for a party or similar occasion. Most of these styles are knee-length and available with or without embellishments. Here are a few common materials and designs seen in party dresses.

  • Beaded and sequin overlay
  • Silver embellishments
  • Tulle overlay