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Mullet Wigs

The mullet hairstyle was a popular hair design in the 1980’s and is defined by short hair in the front and long hair in the back. However, the mullet took on many forms over the years and while it still kept the classic rules, the styles morphed and evolved. Mullet wigs can now be found sporting various mullet styles. They are great for retro parties or for someone who would like to see if they could rock that style without actually cutting their hair.

Punk Rock Mullet Wigs

Punk rock mullets helped to make the hair style famous. Everyone wants to look and dress like their favourite rock stars. Punk mullet wigs and facial hair often came with matching side burns and/or moustaches depending on which star you want to emulate. These mullets are spiky at the top and are generally available in bright colours or with highlights.

Mudflap Mullet Wig

The mudflap mullet gets its name from its style. While it still maintains the short on top and long at the bottom cut, it takes it a bit further by fashioning the long end to look like an actual mudflap. The tall hair at the back is cut and shaped at a squared off angle to look like a hanging mudflap on a vehicle. This style wig may or may not be accommodated by sideburns, but you have many costume wigs and facial hair options to choose from to complete the mullet look that is right for you.

Famous Mullets

Mullet costume wigs usually have the classic style, but you can complete a famous look if you know what to look for. You may not even realise how many famous people you know who have or had a mullet. On the actor’s scale, picture Patrick Swayze, John Stamos, Mel Gibson, Brad Pitt, Jean Claude Van Damme, and even Chuck Norris. They all had mullets. The music industry also had their fair share of mullet wearers, such as Michael Bolton, Lionel Richie, Billy Ray Cyrus and even Rhianna who sported a mohawk mullet at some point. Even some of our favourite characters had mullets like Captain Planet and the original Incredible Hulk. The options are endless for your next costume wig.

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