Keep the good times rolling with collectable pieces of music media from eBay

Sure, having stacks and racks of classic vinyl records and a wardrobe full of tour T-shirts might be strong signs that you’re a diehard music fan. But sometimes you want to dig a bit deeper than the crates at the local record store or the merch table at a gig. eBay has a collection of music media memorabilia that collectors can display and fans can flip through, providing a glimpse into the past of one of the world’s most cherished art forms. 

Rolling Stone

Considered by many to be the ultimate in rock journalism, Rolling Stone has had its finger on the pulse of the music scene since its first issue was published in 1967.Since then, artists of all genres have been the focus of iconic covers, with respected journalists helping readers stay on top of all the latest news and record releases.

Juke and Sonics

For Australian music junkies from way back, Juke and Sonics were magazines that gave Aussies a look at the wider world of music. With major publications on our sunny shores, Australian artists shared the spotlight with bigger international acts, helping the scene grow Down Under.

In addition to these and other print staples, such as collectable issues of Spin magazine, Juice and more, eBay has one-off collectors editions of magazines and other publications put out by the artists themselves. Fans of huge acts such as U2, the Rolling Stones, Elvis, The Beatles and more can find a new piece to add to their greatest hits. 

With thousands of pieces of music memorabilia online for you to browse through, eBay is the place to turn to get your piece of audio history. Find some of the best music media and collectables today and take your collection to the top of the charts.