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NETGEAR Enterprise Servers

When you’re growing an online business, you can rent out a server to quickly meet increased demands for outbound traffic, but there are plenty of cases where you’ll need to set up your own servers so you can access them yourself, especially if they’re specifically for internal use only. In these cases, Netgear enterprise servers offer an easy and attractively packaged solution in the form of enterprise servers, such as the Netgear Atom server. Roughly speaking, a server consists of the same parts that a regular desktop PC tower does: hard drive, motherboard, RAM, CPU, et cetera. However, with a server every part of its specifications is bent towards providing access to files for other devices.


You’ve probably already realised that if a server is going to provide access to information, it needs to be able to store lots of it. Netgear’s server boxes come with slots that you can put additional hard drives in, allowing you to easily expand your storage capacity as your business grows. You may not need to use every slot right out of the gate, but it pays to invest in the future as well. And, as the storage capacity of hard drives grows in the future, you can simply replace older drivers with the newer, bigger ones to stay one step ahead of your business’ needs. If you do find you can’t manage with just one server, it’s no hassle to set up a second. All you’ll need to do is decide what files what go where. One server might be for any files from before a certain year or month, or maybe you can divide them by file type or project.


So if the storage capacity of a enterprise server is important, what are things like the RAM and CPU good for? On a regular tower, you would use those to run applications and the like, but for a server those resources are used to provide access to the wealth of information on the hard drives as quickly and smoothly as possible. Remember, even files on your own computer can take a few seconds to open, and more than one person will be using the network server at a time, so it needs a lot of CPU and RAM to be able to offering downloading and streaming of your files at a speed that’s practical.

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