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NITECORE Camping & Hiking Flashlights

Nitecore Camping and Hiking Flashlights

Since 2007, Nitecore has been the global leaders manufacturing and selling LED lighting and battery chargers. Their products sell across the globe in over 100 countries. The brand is a premier source of military grade flashlights, reliable illumination devices, security systems and outdoor equipment. Their products will suit campers, hikers, mountaineers, divers, hunters, cyclists and fishermen. Suiting a wide range of activities, Nightcore’s flashlights come in different styles and sizes. Many groups employ their products, including police forces and search and rescue parties, due to their innovation, durability and high performance.

Nitecore Handheld Flashlights

The Tiny Monster series will suit your needs if you are looking for handheld Nitecore LED camping and hiking flashlights. These compact yet powerful flashlights are small in size, but they project an intense light that ranges from the TM03 model with 2800 lumens, all the way up to a searing 6000 lumens with the TM28 model. The Tiny Monster series has rechargeable flashlights, such as the TM38 model, which also includes an intense light beam that can reach up to 1400 metres.

Nitecore Rechargeable Flashlights

Also available are Nitecore’s camping and hiking rechargeable flashlights. These flashlights are either rechargeable through a USB connection port, or in the case of the R Series, have inductive charging. Both the R25 and R40 model come with either a wall/car mount charging stand, or a charging cradle that can sit on a table or desktop. Once it completely charges, the R40 model can last for up to 1000 hours. Like other Nitecore flashlights, the R25 model has three different settings, depending on the desired use. There is general mode, law enforcement mode and tactical mode. General mode is for everyday use. Law enforcement mode is for police officers on night patrol duty or attending nighttime events. Tactical mode involves a high intensity beam and strobe action that works for self-defence and fighting in dark areas.

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