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NRL Rugby League Boots

To be a competitive rugby player that is strong with quick moves, you need a solid footing. NRL rugby league boots use a strong but flexible sole that has several studs or cleats placed throughout the sole for gripping the ground. The body of the boot is a durable material that supports the ankle to be able to make quick bursting movements. You want a shoe that is snug with little wiggle room and is lightweight. Rugby boots are either leather or synthetic materials. Leather is very tough and durable, however one downside is that it can easily distort if you wear in wet weather conditions. Synthetic boots are less expensive, lightweight and resistant to most weather conditions. They aren’t as flexible as leather boots thought. The studs can vary in length on rugby boots. On days when it is dryer, short studs work best, but when its raining and soggy out, longer cleats are a good idea to better grip the ground.

NRL Rugby League Clothing

The clothing rugby players wear is fairly minimal, however brightly coloured to represent your team and pride. NRL rugby league clothing includes a shirt and shorts, rugby socks and some sort of undergarment that protects sensitive body parts. The shirt and shorts are from lightweight materials that provide moisture wicking when playing intensely on the field. The shirt is roomy enough to allow for movement. The shorts are shorter than most sports, however this reduces the restriction clothing can place on a player when running or engaging in physical contact on a field. Socks match the teams uniforms and provide an extra layer of cushion to your feet.

NRL Rugby League Equipment

There are a few important pieces to have when playing rugby including protection. Mouthguards as well as helmets are two key items to have and wear. Mouthguards protect your mouth and specifically your teeth. Rugby is a full contact sport, which means that you could come in contact with an elbow, fist or even knee to the face. Mouthguards will protect your teeth of any kinds of punches. Helmets are another important aspect of NRL rugby league equipment. While they don’t have a hard outer layer to them, they do protect from jabs, punches and scratches that may come a player’s way during a scrimmage. Most helmets are leather for durability. They do have extra padding around the ears as well as ventilation to let players hears different plays and call to each other on the field. Another key item for any rugby match is obviously the ball. Using leather and oblong in shape, the ball withstands kicks and tumbles. The design of these hasn’t changed much since the sport found its first field.

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