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Chew on this: Get NUK dummies and soothers, baby bottle teats and more from eBay 

Babies are a boisterous bunch. Once they start moving and get a bit of dexterity in those little fingers of theirs, a whole new world of fun and excitement opens up to not only them, but also you. But with that increased movement and joy comes a host of little bits and pieces that can end up in their mouths. Dirty bits from an unswept floor, grass and other natural pieces from outside and, of course, toys, eyeglasses and anything else they can get their hands on can quickly become a chew toy in the hands of a baby.   

eBay can help you find quality NUK baby dummies, baby bottle teats and more that can do more good than harm to your child’s growing, bubbly baby smile.   

Getting it straight 

Having the right baby feeding supplies can make a massive difference when it comes to time to transition from breast to bottle, not only in a child’s happiness, but also his or her dental health.   

NUK’s dedication to helping feed your baby safely started in the 1940s with German dental health experts Dr. Wilhelm Balters and Dr. Adolf Muller. They realised breastfed babies had fewer crooked teeth. So they created a new baby bottle teat that was modelled after the natural shape of a mother’s breast. For more than half a decade, this shape has helped babies feed and grow with less harm to their jaws.   

Keeping it fun 

Having dummies and soothers on hand, especially for tiny teething tots, is also a must for many parents around the world.    

NUK makes some of the best dummies and soothers out there, adding fun designs and colours to their scientifically enhanced design. With cartoon characters, glow-in-the-dark options and dozens of other pacifiers from which to choose, you can be sure to have one up your sleeve no matter where you are.   

In the 60-plus years since the creation of their new baby bottle teat, NUK has used their breakthrough design to help keep baby mouths healthy and happy. Give your new son or daughter something to chew on with NUK baby products from eBay.