Nail polish removers

Nail Polish is a way of accessorising the finger or toe nail, whilst keeping the nail protected, with an assortment of colours available on eBay, giving your hands and toes a 'make over' has never been so easy. When the time comes for the nail polish to be removed, instad of letting your nail polish flake off, which can take time, an alternative option is to use a nail polish remover, with a wide range of polish removers on eBay, you will be able to find a product that is right for you.

What types of nail polish are there?

There are various types of nail polish, whether you want a nail polish to strengthen your nails, a colour to turn your nails into accessories, or a combination of the two. 'Base coats', are usually clear and strengthen the nails, 'a main coat' is the colour stage, whilst a 'top coat' prevents the colour from chipping or getting damaged. There are various types of nail polish whether gel, matte, artificial, or shellac, all of which are cured underneath UV lights and can last longer than regular nail polish colours.

What types of nail polish removers are available?

Nail polish removers come in various types which are dependent upon what sort of nail polish you have on your finger nails, a strong 'all rounder' is 'acetone nail polish remover', which removes colour and can also be used to remove artificial nails and the glue. You can also find products such as nail polish remover designed for removing gel polish, or 'corrector pens' which allow excess colour to be removed from the edge of the nails after a home manicure or pedicure, this is to name a few, there are an ever changing range of products on eBay for your home manicure and pedicure needs.

Where can I find gifts for girls?

For girls, teens and women, you can find an assortment of home manicure pedicure tools kits which can make a great gift. If you are still searching for other options, why not check out the range of Health Beauty with an assortment of product at wholesale prices, with products ranging from cosmetics, personal care, health care and essential oils.