Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Stock up on nails

It always feels like you can't have too many nails so stock up so you're never left scraping the barrel. On eBay, you can find a huge range of nails for your next job, whether you are working on a home DIY project, or are a professional tradesman.

Choose the right material and style

Your choice of material is important. In exposed areas, rusty nails are a common problem. Stainless steel and galvanised nails offer superior protection from corrosion. This way, your materials have a better chance of staying intact, and a neater look can be maintained.

Copper nails are popular with roofers. Ring nails are particularly sturdy and are great for floorboards, as they have grooves to hold the joint, which help in the fight against being pulled out. Pins are often sufficient for more lightweight projects like corkboards or upholstery projects.

Different head options

Flathead nails have a large head surface area, which makes it easier for striking with the hammer. Some heads are textured, which reduces the chance of a hammer slipping and damaging the neighbouring surface. Countersunk heads are designed to be pushed below the surface, so you can conceal their presence with putty.

Get the right nails for your tool

Specialised nails can be found for specialised guns, such as bradder nails for bradder guns.

Most nails are put in place with a simple hammer or mallet, but some materials are more sensitive. Some wood can split when hammered, so you may need to use other tools. You can use a pilot drill to make the hole slightly smaller than needed so that the chance of damage is minimised when you hammer in the nail.

Buying in bulk is often cheaper and saves you having to reorder every time you have a DIY project. Discover Arrow Fastener, Bostich, Paslode, Hillman, Simpson, and SENCO nails for all of your DIY needs.

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