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Nautical Pillows

Make your room ship-shape.
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Create the perfect marine vibe with nautical home décor from eBay! 

The term nautical derives from Latin, Greek, and European roots. It is associated with ships, sailors and navigation over a body of water. The maritime theme has infiltrated into home décor to create beautiful beachy vibes. Think wooden hanging fish, anchors, mermaids, and ship wheels. Pair these with some handmade ropes with fraying ends for a natural effect and you can achieve a classic nautical home vibe. 

On eBay, you can find all sorts of items that fit this theme. There are chairs, tables, trunks, and chests, as well as smaller additions like lamps, chandeliers, and mirrors. To create a nautical home atmosphere using décor items, browse the range of nautical pillows to find some in beautiful shades of blue, or patterns and prints of seashells and sea creatures. Or, find nautical themed rugs and vases to help spruce up your space. You can also find decorative starfish and seahorses, as well as model ships to help create your nautical home and give it an authentic look.  

There are also plenty of nautical home items that not only look great but serve a unique function. For example, antique maritime telescopes, doorstops, buoys and floats, and compasses. These items can be put on display to achieve the vibe you want, or used for convenience. Some of the nautical items on eBay are handmade, while others come from brands such as Oracal, Pottery Barn, and Ralph Lauren.   

Find great nautical home items for your space on eBay today.