Get on the right track with help from Navman

If youre you searching for a high-quality feature-rich navigation device, look no further than Navman. Navman provides a whole range of satellite navigation and GPS systems, so you can keep on track without getting lost, both on the road or at sea. Many of the products can be quickly and easily installed to your vehicle and paired with the system using Bluetooth, making them not only affordable but easily accessible.

The Navman company was founded by New Zealander, Sir Peter Maire in 1986 and has since become one of the most recognised brands of its kind in the Australasian and European market. You will find a fully equipped product range from Navman, including car GPS, speciality GPS devices, dashcams, maps and services, and accessories.

Dashcam devices

If like many people you want to record your car journeys for security and safety purposes, one way to achieve this is to invest in a dashcam. These devices can be easily attached to your car windscreen and record, often in high definition video, your journey from start to finish. The vast majority of dashcam devices also record audio and often come with a host of additional features, such as a wide-angle lens, night vision, parking mode, and more.

GPS and Sat Nav

Another popular product range from Navman is the car and boat GPS tracking systems. These Navman GPS systems accurately monitor your location and provide maps to aid your journey. For cars, these are especially useful when travelling in unfamiliar areas. You simply attach the device to your windscreen, then program your journey details. There are also a number of mountable GPS products available for boats as well.


In addition to the major product range, Navman also provides a number of accessories that you can use to enhance your GPS experience. This includes Navman batteries and chargers, vehicle power adaptors, and mounts.