Babushka Dolls

Also known as matryoshka dolls, babushka dolls are Russian nesting dolls. Designed so that one doll fits inside another, inside another, inside another, these dolls range in size, from large to very tiny. How tiny? In traditional sets, there can be five to 30 dolls, although some custom sets feature even more dolls. While there are many variations, traditional babushka dolls are usually painted to look like a Russian woman in her native costume, complete with a scarf on her head. Each doll is painted so that it looks identical to the next, except of course, in size. 

Looking for something a little bit different? There is also a great range of non-traditional babushka dolls, which feature everything from political figures, to religious iconography, to cartoon characters. So, where do these dolls come from? Using their more traditional Russian name, matryoshka comes from the word mater in Latin – or mother in English. In Russia, this name was associated with a healthy, stout mother, with lots of healthy children – which led the dolls to be named matryoshka dolls. Even now, the dolls are considered a symbol of motherhood and fertility, making them the perfect gift for mums and mums-to-be.

Buying Babushka Dolls

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