Netball equipment for every athlete

Get the right gear for your practice, games, coaching, and reffing. Netball is fun and social, but it is also an extremely fast-paced and competitive sport and requires a large amount of agility. Therefore it is imperative that you have appropriate shoes and clothing, so you can train safely and focus completely on your game. On eBay, there is a wide variety of equipment including netball shoes, skirts, balls, standing goal rings, and more.

If you need new shoes to help in goal attack or a new ball to practice your chest pass, you're in the right place. There are a variety of popular brands which supply high-quality netball equipment that you will recognise such as Asics, Gilbert, Hart, and many more.

Netball rings and netballs

This is where the magic happens and the goals are scored. You can find a range of different netball rings on eBay, whether you want to attach a hoop to a wall in your backyard for practising in the garden, or need a three meter high self-standing portable ring for gameday. There are also height adjustable portable rings available in different colours so that you can use the ring for anyone at any age.

There is a range of different netballs available, including the official size five standard match balls, training balls, skill practice balls, and many others in different colours.


Netball sportswear for women available includes bibs, trainers, skirts, and bodysuit dresses. Therefore, you can personalise your look and make sure you are comfortable and ready to perform on gameday. Training bibs, skirts, and full bodysuit dresses all come in different colours, with positions on the front and back of the bibs. Women's netball shoes also come in a variety of sizes and colours and are primarily from the popular Asics brand which is the most common shoe used by netballers.