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Netgear Home Network Wireless Routers

The essential element that enables any home network, wireless routers allow you connect devices to the Internet and share files between computers throughout your home. A respected brand for all your computer hardware and network hardware needs, Netgear has some of the most cutting edge home network wireless routers on the market right now.


Simply connect your Netgear wireless router to your pre-existing modem and you’ll be able to connect multiple electronic devices throughout your home to the Internet. Users have a choice of either connecting via dedicated Ethernet cables or over the router’s Wi-Fi. Typically, ethernet offers better bandwidth and reliability, so it often is used for gaming and video streaming. However, Netgear routers have an advanced Quality of Service feature that is able to prioritise and optimise connections for these activities. Netgear’s top of the the line wireless routers even have no problem delivering 4K streaming, VR gaming and other bandwidth-intensive activities over Wi-Fi.

Dual Band and Tri-Band

While many brands of wireless routers have products that feature dual band frequencies, Netgear goes a step further with some products enabled with tri-band Wi-Fi. This means the wireless routers have three separate networks sharing the load of your devices and increasing the overall bandwidth of your home network. The router can even intelligently determine which band to connect the device to for optimal speed with its Smart Connect feature. Of course, there is still also the range of Netgear dual band wireless routers which can more than meet everyday Internet needs.

Smart Home

With the rise of smart home technology, you’ll want to make you have a wireless router that can handle it if you’re looking to get one. Thankfully, many new Netgear routes are compatible with current personal assistant devices.

File Sharing

With a wireless home network, sharing files between computers and devices has never been easier. Documents, pictures and videos can be shared over Wi-Fi via the wireless router from machine to machine, but the routers also have a USB port for quickly sharing to and from USB storage.

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