New Zealand Stamps

New Zealand Stamps

Popular amongst those who are collectors of stamps from British colonies and territories, New Zealand stamps are available in all sorts of editions and styles. From the very old and rare to pristine collectors editions, you can take your pick.

New Zealand Antique Stamps

Old and rare antique stamps are not only tiny squares of history, but may offer a veritable fortune if theyre the right ones. For example, there was a stamp released in 1949 for the tour of the HMS Vanguard, which never went ahead, and the vast majority of the redundant stamps were destroyed with just a precious few escaping. The stamp fetched over $67,000 at auction, making it a sellers dream. Many very old stamps were used and, therefore, marked so unused and unmarked stamps command much higher prices amongst collectors.

New Zealand Commemorative Edition Stamps

New Zealand may be a relatively new country, but Kiwis are proud of their impact on history and love to show it with commemorative stamp editions. The film franchises of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings have firmly placed New Zealand on the map, and there are all sorts of related stamps, featuring Gollum, Frodo, and of course, scenes of Middle Earth. Not forgetting New Zealands Commonwealth status and roots as a colony of the British Empire, royal stamps are a popular feature as well with jubilee and anniversaries making appearances on envelopes nationwide. Other editions feature native birds and wildlife, influential New Zealanders, such as Sir Edmund Hilary and Kate Sheppard, and Maori cultural icons. These collections are available for purchase in sheets or individually, and can be kept in pristine condition for the purposes of collections.

New Zealand Pre-Decimal Stamps

Pre-decimal New Zealand stamps refer to those circulated prior to the introduction of the New Zealand dollar, with a dollar value of 100 cents. Prior to the introduction of the dollar in 1967, the pound was in circulation, and this was, in turn, reflected on the stamps. Some collectors focus on particular eras of stamps, and pre-decimal stamps are those before the currency change.

New Zealand Stamp Varieties

Unlike many of the British stamps, which focused heavily on royalty and the reigning monarch, New Zealand has always had a variety of stamps. Using competitions where the public was invited to submit designs, current affairs and the beauty of the natural surroundings, stamps from as far back as the 19th century feature the countrys mountains, lakes and birds. There were plenty featuring profiles of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II, however, there has always been a wide variety of other stamps available reflecting the flora and fauna of the young country.