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Signed Newcastle Knights Memorabilia

The Newcastle Knights have been a Rugby League team since 1988. With such a long and illustrious history, it is little wonder that Newcastle Knights mementoes have become some of the most highly prized of all NRL memorabilia.

The Early Years of The Newcastle Knights

In the early years of the Newcastle Knights, the club had little going for it apart from commitment, courage and hard work. With a lack of financial backing and few founding team members who boasted natural talent, the Newcastle Knights did not make a name for themselves until 1990 when they were in contention for the fifth place in the NRL competition. From there, the Newcastle Knights club continued to improve both in talent and in their achievements year after year.

Rising Interest in The Newcastle Knights

In 1992, the Newcastle Knights lost the preliminary semi-final by just one point, in what would be a crushing defeat but also an enormous victory for the still-new team. In fact, it was in 1992 with the narrow loss in the preliminary semi-final that interest in signed NRL memorabilia first started to increase. In that year, Sam Stewart was recognised with life membership of the Newcastle Knights.

Semi-Finals and Finals

The Newcastle Knights played in the semi-finals in 1995 and went on to win the Optus Cup two years later in 1997. The Optus Cup win created a huge surge of interest in Newcastle Knights NRL memorabilia, which would only be surpassed by the demand caused by the Newcastle Knights' win at the Telstra Premiership in 2001 against Parramatta.

Most Popular and Valuable Signed Newcastle Knights Memorabilia

Following their win at the Optus Cup in 1997, a limited run of 50 hand-signed and framed jerseys were created. Each framed piece of Newcastle Knights memorabilia was signed by the then-coach Mal Reilly, along with the stars of the grand final win: Robbie O'Davis, Adam Muir, Paul Harragon, Matthew Johns and Andrew Johns. Other limited release pieces of NRL memorabilia include signed prints of Andrew Johns and other Newcastle Knights legends, along with hand-signed lithographs of NRL stars like Danny Buderus and jerseys signed by players like Andrew Johns.

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