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Nike LunarGlide Men's Trainers

Nike athletic shoes that made a big splash is the LunarGlide line of running shoes. They have a lightweight design that provides ample cushioning for an effortless run. Some models, such as the LunarGlide 7, features Nike’s Flyknit technology, which is lauded for its sustainability and production efficiency. Flyknit involves computer-controlled machines weaving material into particular forms, in this case the shoe’s upper, producing a lightweight, durable, and breathable material without as much waste as traditional fabric-cutting techniques.

LunarGlide Athletic Shoes

Advanced LunarGlide athletic shoes come in the form of the LunarGlide 8, which had numerous tangible improvements over its predecessor, the LunarGlide 7. The LunarGlide 8 has smoother heel support for less rigid impacts with each step and uses engineered mesh for the upper instead of Flyknit manufacturing. These runners have a minimalist sole design that allows for excellent grip despite the unassuming sole pattern. Because the shoe uses engineered mesh, instead of Flyknit fabric, you need to make sure that any pressure points are addressed by going a size up. The upper does not allow for much toe flexing and might cause blisters in too small of a size for your feet. Once you get the right size, the shoe should feel like a bunch of socks wrapped around your feet with comfy heel padding, encased in light, strong, engineered mesh.


Men’s sports shoes come in a load of colours, and Nike LunarGlide men's shoes are no different. Want high visibility on the track, road, or the shop? The LunarGlide 9 iD is available with a lime green upper paired with the signature comfy white sole and dark grey Nike logo on the side. The same shoe also comes in dark blue with neon blue accents for an edgy look. If you want a subdued look, go for the classic black with white accent or the inverse. The sheer number of colour and customisation options in the LunarGlide line-up makes them great for both running and casual wear.

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