Nikkor Camera Lenses

Nikkor Camera Lenses

Nikkor is the brand of camera lenses from the renowned optics and imaging company, Nikon corporation. The brand established in 1932 and also includes the Nikon F-mount series of camera lenses. The skillful combination of advanced engineering technologies and traditional lens craftsmanship in Nikkor lenses pushes the boundaries of imaging. This has put more power and flexibility in the hands of photographers.

What Technological Features Are in Nikkor Lenses?

To position itself way ahead of its competitors and give photographers exactly what they need, Nikon has integrated lots of features in its Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) lenses: These features include:

  • VR Image Stabilisation - Vibration Reduction (VR) Image stabilisation is a technology that reduces the blur from camera shake, allowing photographers to easily capture shaper images at slower shutter speeds and in low light environments.
  • Silent Wave Motor - This is a technology that focuses the optics by turning "travelling waves" into rotational energy. This way, the autofocus feature is able to work faster and more accurately.
  • Extra-low Dispersion Glass - This technology reduces a colour distortion known as chromatic aberration that occurs in normal glass lenses by allowing better focus on the entire spectrum of colour.

Nano crystal coating, fluorite lens elements, Internal focusing/rear focusing, precision glass moulding and phase Fresnel lens design are some other essential features.

What Are the Various Types of DSLR Lenses from Nikkor?

To suite the various needs of photographers, Nikon has produced different Nikkor DSLR lenses. These are:

  • Standard lenses - These are suitable for several occasions and are popular in portrait photography.
  • Wide-angle lenses - Nikkor wide-angle lenses are for confined rooms, documentary and landscape photography.
  • Telephoto lenses - Suitable for product or portrait photography.
  • Macro lens - a special lens type is the Nikkor macro lens. It is for macro photography. It uses different lenses to capture images.

What Is the Difference Between Nikkor Prime and Zoom Lenses?

Nikon Nikkor camera lenses can divide into two main categories; Prime lenses and Zoom lenses, each have their own pros and cons.

  • Prime lenses - These are compact and lightweight, use natural light and are great for capturing images in low light conditions.
  • Zoom lenses - These cameras allow you to zoom without moving your feet. They are great for capturing mid-range and close-up shots. However, they are usually bulky.