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Nikon SLR Camera Lenses

One of the main strengths of an SLR camera is the versatility delivered by its interchangeable lenses. Nikon sells a wide range of SLR camera lenses for its popular digital and film SLR cameras.


Nikon is one of Japan’s oldest makers of photographic equipment. The company was founded in 1917 and initially focused mainly on lenses. In 2016, they were the second most popular brand in the world in terms of sales for DSLR cameras and also the third biggest seller of interchangeable camera lenses.

Modern Lenses

The modern range of Nikon SLR camera lenses is very extensive. Nikon has a catalogue of around 100 different Nikkor lenses currently in production, ranging from ultra wide-angle zooms to the massive AF-S Nikkor 800mm F/5.6E FL ED VR super-telephoto lens. Nikon offers various lens types within their Nikkor family, too. Nikon FX lenses are designed to be used with their full-frame cameras, while Nikon DX lenses are for their crop sensor cameras. There are also multiple levels of focusing motor technology within Nikon’s lens lineup. Most current Nikon lenses are AF-S lenses, meaning that they use a Silent Wave Motor for quick, quiet autofocus function. More recently, Nikon have also released AF-P lenses which use an even quieter stepping motor. A few Nikkor lenses are simply designated AF, meaning that they contain no focusing motor and have to rely on the in-body focus motors found in some Nikon cameras.

Vintage Lenses

Nikon SLR owners are uniquely well-placed to take advantage of the company’s back catalogue of lenses. The Nikon F-mount used to attach their camera lenses to their cameras has been in continuous use since 1959, giving users over fifty years’ worth of Nikon camera lenses to choose from. The company’s vintage prime lenses are particularly prized, especially those from the premium Nikkor line and particularly those from the AI and AI-S generation onwards such as Nikon AF standard lenses. While using vintage glass may prevent you from using some of your camera’s more advanced features, particularly if your camera does not have an onboard focus motor, the sheer number of vintage lenses on offer makes Nikon cameras exceptionally versatile.

Lens Accessories

As well as Nikon SLR camera lenses, Nikon also sells a range of lens accessories. These range from optical accessories like teleconverters and filters to tripod collar rings, lens hoods and protective cases. With the right lens accessories, you can squeeze even higher performance out of your optics.

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