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Nintendo 64 Game Consoles

Decades ago, the highly anticipated Nintendo's final cartridge-based console launched the Nintendo 64. The new console delivers cutting-edge 3D graphics along with truly innovative Nintendo 64 controllers. Unlike present day's analogue thumb-sticks, N64 controller featured a revolutionary analogue thumb-stick that made Super Mario run or walk depending on how you pushed the joystick. Nintendo 64 boasts having ushered quite a number of groundbreaking titles, some of which successfully transitioned the popular franchise to 3D. Given the four controller ports and the groundbreaking titles such as Smash Brothers and Goldeneye, the Nintendo 64 proved ideal for some great multiplayer action.

What Makes Nintendo 64 an Excellent Console?

  • Console Durability: Nintendo is famous for making "invincible" hardware. Nintendo 64 comes with solid-state design with just a few moving parts.
  • Sound: Despite Nintendo's decision to stick to cartridges as opposed to CD's when they created the N64, the actual sound capabilities of the N64 match those of CD. To actually have sound at such a high quality is genius because this would use all the memory on the cartridge, leaving no space for the game.
  • Graphics: The N64 has the best 3D graphics of its generation. The release of Expansion Pak in 1999 further enhanced the N64 graphics to a new level. Despite being optional with most games, the memory pack makes a significant difference as far as graphics resolution goes.
  • Games: Despite the N64 video games library being limited, the few games available are of high quality with a level of gameplay unequalled on other systems. Nintendo 64 offers some iconic titles in a variety of genres.

What are Some Official Nintendo 64 Accessories?

  • Rumble Pak  This is a nifty feature that causes your controller to shake say for instance when you take a blow, fire a gun, crash your car or when you near a secret and so on.
  • Memory Pak  This is necessary for saving some games and extra data, such as ghosts in racing games, or custom characters, custom levels in a game.
  • Expansion Pak  Most games require an Expansion Pak to run, and some just use it for enhanced graphics modes. It's a good idea to purchase one of these to play some of the best games on the Nintendo 64.
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