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Nintendo GameCube PAL Consoles

The Nintendo GameCube is the company's 6th generation console, which hit the Australian market in 2002. It had advanced hardware for its time, featuring fluid 3D animations and local multiplayer for up to four controllers. It was the first ever Nintendo console to use optical discs as the storage medium for games, allowing room for more data dedicated to graphics and other such code. It also supported online multiplayer via a modem adapter and can connect to a Game Boy Advance through the link cable to access exclusive features in certain games.

What are some notable features of the Nintendo GameCube?

  • Ergonomic Controller: The GameCube controller is iconic for its unique button layout and intuitive placement of the grips. This allowed for comfort during extended hours of play and gave players an edge in competitive games like Smash.
  • Compact Design: The system used small compact discs for games, meaning the main device did not require such width as its competitors. Thanks to compact dimensions of 149 by 160 by 112 millimetres, you could fit the system neatly in your media console.

What are some classic GameCube titles?

The system was responsible for the fame of game titles such as:

  • Super Smash Bros. Melee: This franchise has developed into a classic because of the company's use of characters from different videos games and having them duke it out in familiar and well-loved stages and environments. You are allowed to play such characters as Pikachu and zap your adversaries with its famous Lightning Bolt attack. Otherwise, conquer the stage as Kirby who can inhale enemies and generally wreak havoc despite being a cute, pink blob.
  • Metroid Prime: As the first 3D iteration of the famous franchise, the title gave life to Samus' new planet. The GameCube's hardware capabilities allowed for lush vegetation, intense fight scenes and set pieces.
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker: Zelda fans saw a fresh new take on their beloved game. Set in a vast sea with scattered islands, you play as Link as he tries to save his sister from the evil plans of sorcerer Ganon, struggling in a quest to obtain the Triforce, a mythical relic that can grant any of the holder's wishes.
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