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Nintendo SNES Game Console

Nintendo is no stranger when it comes to innovating how we have fun in the living room. One of its earlier game consoles, the SNES or Super Nintendo Entertainment System was a staple in homes around the globe thanks to its high quality graphics, forward-thinking console design, and excellent video games roster. With its great games and hardware, the Super Nintendo remains in demand, thanks to avid collectors and casual gamers alike.

What Made the Super Nintendo Unique?

The Super Nintendo console, introduced in 1991, is the successor to Nintendo's NES or Nintendo Entertainment System. Like the device before it, the SNES had some innovations that made it stand out from its competition.

  • Graphics: It produced 16-bit 2D images but could display many more colours on screen than its rivals and had simulated 3D effects and scaling, which Nintendo called "Mode 7." You can see this in numerous games from Super Mario Kart to Super Metroid.
  • Sound: The SNES was also capable of producing near CD quality sound, which was a big leap at the time.
  • Shoulder Buttons: When shoulder buttons were first included in SNES controllers, it gave consumers an additional two input buttons. Shoulder buttons are now a fixture in all consoles, even in current handheld ones.

What Were Some Popular Games on the SNES?

Nintendo has some of the longest running and well-loved game franchises in history. Besides the capabilities of a console, its game roster also very much determines its success. Here are some of the most loved SNES games.

  • Legend of Zelda, a Link to The Past: Legend of Zelda is favourite game on all Nintendo consoles through the generations. A Link to The Past was an improvement over its predecessors on the NES, as it introduced many defining criteria in the Zelda series.
  • Super Mario World: Super Mario World is a huge game in the Super Mario family, as it helped the franchise to establish itself as a Nintendo staple. Many fans fondly remember riding Yoshi as they run through Mario's colourful world as a kid.
  • Final Fantasy: There were three main Final Fantasy games on the SNES: Final Fantasy IV, V, and VI. (IV and VI were initially the only US releases, as Final Fantasy II and III, respectively.) These games continued giving fans their dose of magic, intense battles, and adventure in an epic story of their own.

What should you consider when shopping for a Nintendo SNES game console?

When purchasing a used Super Nintendo console, you should find out as much information as you can about it and determine if it's in good working condition. You should also make sure that it comes with all the necessary peripheral components like power adapter, cables, and controllers.

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