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Nixon Watches include a wide range of styles including analog and digital styles. There are leather straps, metal watch faces in gold, silver, and chrome colours. There are classic styles, more adventurous styles, and some truly out of the box designs such as the Dork Too. There are female, styles, and male style watches all characterised with the Nixon logo in a variety of colours.

Dork Too

This smart Nixon watch does not take itself too seriously and yells the time along with much more. You can power up your watch with a USB plug, so then it will voice you the time. This means you can find out what time of the day it is without needing to strain your eyes. It is a retro-modern contemporary clean timeless style. It has a fully custom digital LCD with edge to edge crystal and an EL backlight.

Watch Straps

Nixon does not sell watch bands; however, they do provide a band replacement service that includes an overall evaluation of your watch and a complimentary battery service. If you however wish to have an alternative strap to the watch you have purchased, you can choose from one of the many fantastic strap options. There are leather straps, faux leather straps, silicon straps, in a range of colours. Pick your favourite colour whether it is black, with red stitching, light tan, brown, or black croco genuine leather. If you rather opt for stainless steel options, then you can choose between gold or silver colours.

Available Materials

The most popular band materials for Nixon wristwatches include stainless steel, titanium, genuine leather, silicone and fabric. They each have their pros and cons, and you should consider the way you will wear your watch to opt for the best one for you. Some are more resistant to corrosion, while some are a better fit for people with allergies.